AV & Conference Services

Consort Productions provide AV and technical support for professional business meetings and conferences UK wide.


We can provide staging, lighting, audio and visual effects for your conference needs. Let our professional engineers look after your event and deliver a slick, professional image to your clients.


We can provide staging and backdrops for your presentation. Anything from a custom fitted star cloth backdrop to simple flats, to give your conference a clean and simple appearance. A whole range of staging and trussing is available to fit the specification of any room. We can provide a small podium type stage or a full span stage with overhead trussing for a big impact.


Have you ever sat through a presentation and not taken in a word, because it was too quiet or you could hear continuous audio feedback? Well with our team of experienced sound engineers at the helm, we can illuminate any worry of that and guarantee that your message will be heard loud and clear, and for every guest to be able to sit back and engage with the speaker.

We can supply handheld radio microphones, lavaliere tie mics or riffle microphones for the less tech confident speakers.

Sound systems can range from a small discreet system for simple vocal reinforcement to a larger system to give music a real presence. Perfect for background music or high impact soundtracks within a presentation, required to deliver a big impact.


Lighting is an important factor for any event. Even if it is the simplicity of making sure that speakers are illuminated sufficiently to be seen clearly, it makes a big difference.

Our lighting designers will work closely with you to come up with a brief for your event. This will include the number of speakers or performers to be lit, room uplighting and stage lighting.

We also provide a custom logo service which means you could project your company logo in as many places around the room as you wish. You could couple this with some room or stage uplighting in your company colours to really  reinforcement of your company image and branding.


Visual aids can be a huge part of any presentation. It is important to ensure that the visuals can be seen by everyone in the room, regardless of the structure or layout of the venue.

No two rooms are ever the same so we can use projectors or LED screens to ensure the best coverage throughout the venue.

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  • My Husband and I spent over 18 months building up to our wedding in August dealing with many different and it has to be said difficult contractors however, none were more courteous, professional and may I say as brilliant as Consort!

    Mrs N Silver
  • It was really appreciated that the company were so pro-active with the marketing and promotion of the show and worked with us all the way.

    The Woodville Theatre, Gravesend
  • A pleasure to work with and made the evening a real success. Their professionalism and passion for what they do is second to none.

    Paula Walsh